aeve Höglund, in addition to holding a very busy performance schedule, still finds time to teach. “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my voice teacher and all those people who have helped me along the way.  I feel it is essential to keep giving back what was so passionately given to me in order to continue the tradition of healthy singing”.  Maeve holds a Master’s of Music from the Manhattan School of Music as well as a Bachelor’s of Music from the New England Conservatory.  Maeve is a vocal educator for Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Jazz Academy, a program offering online tutorial education to middle school students in the New York City area. She has worked extensively in the New York City school system both as a teaching artist and private outreach artist.  Prior to that she taught voice & yoga at a variety of summer camps all over the U.S., most notably Camp MSM, put on by Manhattan School of Music. Maeve’s background spans from classical training to jazz, gospel, musical theatre and pop.  Her versatility and solid technical knowledge provide the edge that most up and coming singers need in order to discover their voice. “The truth is that the music world is becoming more and more merged within each genre.  In other words, the lines of separation are becoming blurred.  The global community is beginning to hear how all music styles are connected and how they can be related to and enjoyed alongside each other.  I feel this has to do with the fact that there is more conversation going on between our diverse group of nations and our musical traditions –  music truly is the universal language.  So, if one can handle their instrument (in this case the voice) to cross genres and/or oceans, it can serve music and the world in so many different ways”.

View this demonstration of  Maeve’s role as an educator.